Hi! My name is Dr. Jennifer Palmer and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, graduated in May 2015. I also have a BS in Health Science with a minor in Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College in 2013. I have grown up playing many sports including: soccer, softball, track and field, basketball (for one year-I was awful), cheerleading (kind of a sport?), and lacrosse. I actually never played lacrosse until college, but they were recruiting “athletic people,” so I kind of taught myself and went out for the team (I like challenges and trying new things). I enjoy staying active currently through hiking, biking, TRX, obstacle races, yoga, weightlifting, a little this, and a little of that. Like I said, I like trying new things and I love challenges because I’m a little (or a lot) competitive and I love proving people wrong.

I’ve also recently began to travel a LOT, which is awesome! I am also writing in here about my different journeys that I take. I think that is a bit of a part of wellness also 😉

This blog is used to express my thoughts and ideas on certain aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. To me, a healthy lifestyle ranges from mental, emotional health to physical health in regards to overall fitness, nutrition, and rehabilitation. As a physical therapist, I am very passionate about emphasizing a healthy lifestyle and exercising properly in order to decrease the risk of future injuries and/or regain the life you love to live. Diving a little deeper into the physical therapy world, I hope to help further this profession in regards to: PT in the emergency department, one-on-one care to patients, PT in regards to rare genetic disorders, direct access, and preventative medicine and education on PT in the community.

Tweet me: @x3jennyfur
Instagram: Jennstrack19


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